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Configuring Shopify Markets with Klevu

Shopify Markets is a cross-border management tool that helps you identify, set up, launch, optimize and manage your international markets - all from a single store i.e. you can set up multi-stores within a single Shopify instance.

The following Shopify features are related to Klevu implementation:

  1. Stores can have multiple currencies.
  2. Market-specific product prices could be set up.
  3. Products can be excluded/included at the Markets level.
  4. Stores can be set up in multiple languages.

Klevu Compatibility with Shopify Market

Klevu is now out-of-the-box compatible with Shopify Markets, eliminating the need for merchants to provide data feeds, customize JavaScript, or set up analytics API calls to integrate Klevu with Shopify Markets.

Implementation steps

Implementation steps would be different for the existing customers and new customers.

If you are an existing Klevu customer and are interested in setting up Markets, please reach out to our support team. We'll evaluate your case and provide further instructions tailored to your needs.

For new customers, here's how to proceed:

  1. Install and integrate the Klevu app on your Shopify store following our guide.
  2. Grant Klevu partner access for app, catalog, and markets.
  3. Contact Klevu support with specific market details, and we'll assist you in the setup process.

The concept involves having distinct KMC stores for different market locales, with support available to evaluate and implement based on your market configuration.

Key Specifications

  1. All Klevu features, including search, category merchandising, and recommendations, seamlessly integrate with Shopify Markets.
  2. Klevu supports setting up a different store for each region and language, but if a merchant is using same language across multiple region and don’t want to merchandise separately, we can setup a single store as per language.
  3. Klevu utilizes Shopify webhooks and GraphQL APIs to fetch market-specific data, including products, collections, CMS pages, and blog posts.
  4. The Shopify theme app extension facilitates the integration of Klevu's JavaScript into your Shopify theme.

Integration Considerations

  1. Klevu fetches metafields, collection, and CMS data using GraphQL APIs, which may cause delays in syncing large amounts of data due to Shopify API rate limits.
  2. Klevu app settings are global, affecting all markets within a specific store upon adjustment.
  3. Customization for design and search requirements is possible; contact support for assistance.
  4. Configuring metafields and product options within the Shopify app is necessary to ensure their availability for search, faceting, or inclusion in response fields. Once Klevu is enabled for markets, you can easily manage these features.
  5. Tags are inherently non-translatable resources, maintaining their primary value across all markets. While they are searchable by default, explicit mapping is necessary to ensure their return as facets (as detailed in the guide). Again, Once Klevu is enabled for markets, you can easily manage these feature.
  6. When dealing with a wide range of local currencies, frontend JavaScript changes are essential to accurately display prices. Refer to the guide for detailed instructions.
  7. The Fulfillment Inventory feature is not supported at this time because we cannot extract the necessary details from Shopify. We are collaborating with Shopify to address this. If you rely on this feature, please contact our support team for a case evaluation and potential workaround.
  8. We are encountering  issues with the Romanian language due to some challenges at the Shopify level. This does not impact all customers, so if your market uses Romanian and you encounter problems, please reach out to us.

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