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Other Configurations

Other Configurations through Klevu Support

Deeper configurations can be available through a request via Klevu Support. Please contact us if there is some advanced configuration desired and we will work collaboratively with you to best meet the objective.

The following are some common requests:

Warm up Klevu’s Machine Learning with historical search data

If you have any past search data (e.g. searches, clicks, and checkouts), please share them with us so that we can inject them to bootstrap learning from day one (see this guide).

Enabling Model number processing

If your customers are searching by model numbers, please let us know so that we can enable the special processing of the model numbers.

Ensure Klevu can promote products over accessories

If you are selling both products and accessories, please let us know the names of the product categories. It is recommended that the core product categories should have a slightly higher weight than their respective accessories by default. Our Machine Learning system would automatically learn the difference between product and accessory categories, however, to begin with, it is recommended that you get in touch with us with names of product categories.

Set an alert to be notified if bulk data is unknowingly removed from the feed

Whenever some data is removed from the feed, Klevu considers those products as deleted and removes them from the Klevu backend. An alert can be set up if unintentional bulk data removal occurs in the feed. If you would like to set up this feature, please contact Klevu Support and provide the desired threshold value (e.g. Notification when X number of products or X percent of products are removed from the feed).

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