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Tax settings for Product Prices

For version > 2.1.31

Klevu Search will respect Tax settings of Magento at Sales → Tax → Display Product Prices In Catalog 

Note: If "Display Product Prices In Catalog" value is "Including and Excluding Tax" then you will get the option to select tax value for Klevu search from Stores → Configuration → Sales → Tax → Display Product Prices In Klevu Search → Include/Exclude

For version < = 2.1.31

Should the Klevu Search plugin add additional tax to the product prices set in your magento backend or not can be configured by following the steps below:

  1. In Magento Admin Panel, Go to Stores → Configuration
  2. Select store view from current configuration scope
  3. Go to Klevu → Search Configuration
  4. Find the Tax Settingspanel, you can choose any one of the following options
    • Do not add tax in price as catalog prices entered by admin already include tax
    • Do not add tax in price as product prices are displayed without tax
    • Add relevant tax in price as product prices need to be displayed with tax
  5. Click on the Save Config button
  6. Go to the Data Sync Settings panel
  7. Make sure for Sync option, All Data is selected. If the option Updates Only is selected, you can change it to the option All Data by switching to the default store view.
  8. Click on the Sync Data button
  9. Please make sure your cron is working properly.

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