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Creating Abandoned Search Flows

Abandoned Search flows can be triggered when a shopper searches for something on your website, and then clicks a product from the search results. Abandoned Search flows can be used in conjunction with Abandoned Browse flows, you just need to ensure that shoppers go into Abandoned Search instead of Abandoned Browse when they do a search as part of their website journey.

Creating Abandoned Search flows

Step 1: Create a new flow from scratch

Provide a name and tags (optional)

Step 2: Select Metric as your trigger

Step 3: Choose “Klevu Search” as your metric

Step 4: Add Trigger Filters & Flow Filters

Note: You can use any flow filters as you wish. Filters used in this example are for illustrative purposes only.

We have chosen here that the total number of product results needs to be greater than 0 for people going into this flow, so that “no results” searches don’t enter.

If you haven’t yet built your templates, please go to this guide.

Step 5: Add a Time Delay

We suggest using a similar timing that you have in any live Abandoned Browse flows. We have put 30-minutes here, but what you choose will depend on your product types and business strategy.

Step 6: Add a Trigger Split

In the Yes branch put, where the Total Number of Product Results Equals 1.

Below that Trigger Split, you will place your template for 1 product result in the Yes branch, and your template for 5 product results in the No branch.

The “5 product result” template you created can accommodate 2-5 products without breaking.

If you are using SMS, you can put any further delays within each branch, and add SMS to the flows. Your flow should look something like this:

Tips for cooperation between your Abandoned Browse and Abandoned Search flows

Browse abandonment occurs when a user leaves your website without adding items to their cart or initiating the buying process. 

The purpose of a browser abandonment email is to remind the user of the products they viewed and encourage them to return.

You can use both Abandoned Search and Abandoned browse together, you just need to ensure that shoppers go into Abandoned Search instead of Browse when they do a search as part of their website journey.

Once you’ve created your Abandoned Search flow with the steps above, open your Abandoned Browse flow.

Put in a conditional split OR a filter on your Abandoned Browse flow, so that if someone has done a Klevu Search within the past 1 day, they leave the Abandoned Browse flow.

Each flow has an option for a trigger window. Set your trigger window for Abandoned Search to half of what it is in your Abandoned Browse. So, if a shopper is only eligible for Abandoned Browse every 10 days, set your Abandoned Search to 5 days. The reason for the shorter trigger window is that when a shopper searches, their intent is higher than simply browsing the website.

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