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Integration Steps

These steps are part of Klevu’s Klaviyo connector. Click here to learn more about the Klaviyo connector.


  1. You will need an active Klaviyo account with onsite tracking enabled on your store. Learn more about onsite tracking in Klaviyo.
  2. You need to be on Klevu Premium+ plan or above.
  3. You have integrated Klevu Search on your store using either of the following:
If you are unsure of Klevu integration method, please contact support to help you with this.

Configure the Klaviyo Connector (Klevu JS Library V2 - JSv2)

Step 1: Enable Connector from Klevu Merchant Center (KMC)

Login to Klevu Merchant Center, and from the store dropdown, select the store where you wish to enable Klaviyo connector.

Next, from the side pane, navigate to Connectors → and click on Configure button on Klaviyo section.

You will then see a checkbox to enable the integration. Take a moment to read and understand all of the information provided on this page before clicking on SAVE.

Step 2: Test the Connector

Once you have enabled the connector from KMC, you should now start to receive Klevu Search events in your Klaviyo admin panel activity feed. Note that you will need to be tracking shoppers' email or phone number either using a signup form or Klaviyo’s standard profile tracking events.

Go to your store front where you have enabled the Klaviyo connector. Perform a search and click on a product from the search results.

In your admin panel, you should now see a new event “Klevu Search”. You can also view it’s properties / event details (screenshot below).

Recommended Next Step

Now that you have configured & integrated Klaviyo connector with Klevu, you can use Klevu event data to create segments, email & sms flows etc. Read our detailed guide here.

Also See: FAQs for the Klaviyo Connector.

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