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Filtering Products by Pinning/Exclusion

This feature is available as part of the Smart Recommendation subscription.

Filtering products by pinning & exclusion products in Smart Recommendations gives you greater control over promoting specific products on your storefront. In this guide, you will learn how to pin or exclude specific products on your recommendation.

1. Create a Rule

Click on the NEW button to add a rule.

Depending on the page type, you will be prompted to select the categories/product ID or product attributes for which you would like to set action. In the top right corner, you can check the number of products/categories that match your condition.

2. Pin Products

Once you have applied the conditions, you will see the Pin Products tab where you can search and pin the products that you wish to position at the top. Use the pin button to pin products, and use the draggable anchor to reposition the products if required. To unpin a product, simply click the delete button next to a pinned product.

Once you click on DONE, you will see the products you pinned in the preview section of this rule:

3. Exclude Products

In case you want to hide certain products from showing up on your Category, Product, or Home Page banner, use the Exclude Products tab.

Search and exclude any products that you wish to remove from the recommended products. Use the cross (exclude) button to exclude, and click the delete button if you wish to re-include that product.

Pro Tip: Given that a recommendation may have a limited set of products, we recommend that you exclude products after seeing a live preview of the recommended products from the Rule Preview section. (See Previewing Recommended Products section below)

Once you are happy with the rules setup, click on the SAVE & PUBLISH button (top right) to publish the changes to your storefront. Please note that it may take up to 10 minutes for changes to be reflected on your storefront.

See also: Filtering Products by product attributes.

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