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Filtering Products

This feature is available as part of the Smart Recommendation.

Filtering Products in Klevu recommendations will allow you to skew the Klevu AI & strategy to better targeting products to customers. Using the Filter Products, you can specify which products appear in each recommendation on a granular level. For example, if you are looking to showcase your best-selling product, you can set up a rule to pin that product at the top of the recommendation for specific category or product pages.

1. Accessing Filter Products in Smart Recommendation

Create a new recommendation using the steps mentioned in the guide or edit an existing one. Based on the combination of Page Type and Recommendation Logic, the Filter Products section will be available.

Filter products is available for:

Category Page

Product Page

Home Page

1. Trending products
1. Similar Products1. Trending Products
2. Trending Products For You

2. Others Also Viewed

2. Trending Products For You

3. Newest Arrivals
3. Newest Arrivals

Click on the Create Rules to get started, which will take you to a new Filter Products screen. If you do not wish to create any filters, you may skip them by clicking on the SKIP TO INTEGRATION.

Pro Tip: We recommend you to create the recommendation and integrate it on your storefront before using the Filter Products feature. This will allow you to clearly judge where you’d like to set up rules for specific category or product pages.

2. What are Rules?

You can set up product filtering by creating category/product specific rules. Each rule has two steps:
Conditions: Select the category or product pages to which this rule applies.
Actions: Define which products should be filtered (pin or excluded) for the set conditions.

2.1 New Rule - Set Condition

Click on the New button to add a rule.

Here, depending on the page type, you will be prompted to select the category pages or product pages for which you would like to pin or exclude products. Once you have made your selection, click on Continue to define the actions i.e. pin or exclude products.

2.2 Pin Products

From the Pin Products tab, search and pin the products that you wish to position at the top. Use the pin button to pin, and use the draggable anchor to reposition the products if required. To unpin a product, simply click the delete button next to a pinned product.

2.3 Exclude Products

From the Exclude Products tab, search and exclude any products that you wish to remove from the recommended products. Use the exclude button to exclude, and click the delete button if you wish to re-include that product.

Pro Tip: Given that a recommendation may have a limited set of products, we recommend that you exclude products after seeing a live preview of the recommended products from the Rule Preview section. (See Previewing Recommended Products section below)

3. Default Rules

The actions setup in the Default Rule will be applied to all other category or product pages except for the ones defined the rules setup by you.

Consider a scenario where you want a specific product to be shown at the top position for all categories. In this case, you can use the DEFAULT RULE FOR ALL OTHER CATEGORIES / PRODUCTS rules. You can find this at the right-end side of the rules section. Click on Edit to pin and exclude products.

Note that for Home page recommendations, only Default rule is be applicable.

4. Previewing Recommended Products

Once you have pinned or excluded products, click on the Done button to see a preview of the recommended products for the rule. You can also change the Category/ Product page preview using the Change Preview Category / Change Preview Product dropdown. You can also pin, exclude and reorder pinned products from the Preview screen itself.

5. Save & Publish

Once you are happy with the rules' setup, click on the SAVE & PUBLISH button (top right) to publish the changes to your storefront. Please note that it may take up to 10 minutes for changes to be reflected on your store.

You can also view a summary of conditions & actions in the Filter Products section while editing a recommendation. Feel free to edit as required.

Lastly, if you haven’t already done so, do not forget to copy and place the recommendation snippet where you’d would like it to appear in your store. Learn more about integrating recommendation snippets.

6. Deleting or Reseting Rules

To delete a specific rule, click on the Edit button for a created rule click on Delete Rule. Make sure to Save & Publish for changes to be reflected on your storefront.

To reset (clear) all the rules including any actions applied to default rule, click on the RESET.


How many rules can I create for each recommendation?

A maximum of 20 rules can be created per recommendation.

How many products can be pinned for each recommendation rule?
You can pin up to 10 products.
How many products can be excluded from each recommendation rule?
You can exclude up to 50 products.
Why don’t I see Filter Products for some page or logic types?
Filter Products is currently only applicable for specific page and logic (strategies). Please check the Accessing Filter Products section.
The same product has been added in both Pin products and Exclude products containers, which one is given more priority?
The Product Exclusions rule will be given higher priority.
I integrated the recommendation snippet before Filtering Products. Do I need to integrate it again?
No. Placing the integration snippet is a one-time step. You can add/edit rules from KMC which will reflect on your storefront without any further code/template changes.

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