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Does Klevu take speed and up-time into consideration?

Of course. Klevu uses various best practices to ensure search is returned very quickly and remains available. These include:

A CDN for performance (CDN and Caching)

Klevu uses a CDN in order to deliver static resources such as JS scripts, images, and CSS. Also, Klevu utilizes the CDN as a cache to deliver search results quicker. Our CDN has 30+ points of presence (POPs) around the world including several of them in APAC. This ensures the delivery of our resources and search responses from the shoppers' nearest POP.

Redundant Architecture To handle Failovers and huge traffic, Klevu replicates every stores' search index across four data centers (hosted in different regions). The architecture ensures that responses are being delivered in few hundred Milliseconds. In case of huge traffic concerns, we are happy to setup a dedicated search node with possibility to scale further.

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