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Integration Steps for Other Platforms


Prepare and provide an XML data feed which will be used to index your Product, Category, and CMS (if applicable) data on your website. We require that you prepare your feed in the format explained at the following link: Feed Format. Alternatively, you can use our Indexing API if preferred.

Steps to Integrate Klevu on your store:

  1. You will need a Klevu account to connect your store with Klevu. Sign up for a free access and setup your Klevu account by following on-screen instructions
  1. In the activate account form, carefully select your store platform from the drop-down. This will help us provide you with the integration steps. If your platform is not available, select “Other” from the list.

  1. Once your account is set up and activated, please add a new store by providing the necessary details
  2. Next, provide your store catalog feed URL to sync data. Once done, our support team will validate the catalog feed URL provided, and contact you if changes are required.
  3. OR If you don't have a feed URL when you set up your store, select the option to have the Klevu support team contact you to help you either set one up, or assist with the Indexing API.
  4. On clicking Next, An API Key & REST AUTH Key will be generated.
  5. Once your store catalog feed is validated, we will index your data and provide you with the next set of instructions to integrate Klevu on your store.
  6. Once you have integrated Klevu on your store, follow this quick checklist to ensure the integration is complete.

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