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Is it possible to pretrain search engine with the historical data?

Usually, we request our customers to wait for a minimum of one week (or more depending on the amount of traffic generated) to see the impact of the self-learning algorithm on the search results. However, you may already have your historical search data that we can utilize to bootstrap our search engine. If so, we request you to provide the following data.

Keywords to product associations

P1 60  iPhone 8
P2 40 Sumsung Galaxy

In other words, it was 60 times that the shoppers searched the term iPhone 8 and clicked on the product with ID P1. Similarly, it was 40 times that the shoppers clicked on the product P2 after searching for the term Sumsung Galaxy).

Product visits history

P1 200
P2 100

In other words, the product with ID P1 was visited 200 times and the product with ID P2 was visited 100 times.

Product purchase history

P1 60
P2 40

In other words, the product with ID P1 was purchased 60 times, and the product with ID P2,40 times.

If you have information on who bought what, that would be even better.

P1 5 shopperIPOrSessionId
P1 3 shopperIPOrSessionId
P1 1 shopperIPOrSessionId

Whatever data is possible from the above, please share.

Supported File Formats

We would appreciate it if the data is provided in one of the following attached file formats:


Please find sample files below:

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