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Live Analytics

This feature is available to customers subscribed to the Premium+ plan onwards.

Live View provides a real-time view of searches in the store. It shows a location heatmap across the regions in relation to the search activity. This feature does not interfere with any other KMC or store capabilities. It does not require any configurations. Live View is accessible just by clicking on the Live View button on the KMC home screen. 

The information shown on Live View

Key elementsWhat it shows
Heat MapIt shows the locations where the search traffic is coming from in the last 1 minute.
Live SearchesIt shows the current live searches from your store. The live search box shows up to 25 search terms.
Top Searches in last 1 minIt shows the most frequent search terms of the last 1 minute. It shows up to 10 most frequent search terms with the respective search count.
Top Products in last 1 minIt shows the most frequently clicked products of the last 1 minute. It shows up to 10 most clicked products with the click count.

All the metrics refreshes every 10 seconds, but sometimes it can take up to 60 seconds to show the data on Live View.

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