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IP Address Exclusion for Analytics

IP Address Exclusion setting is used for ignoring search and navigation analytics traffic from the listed IP addresses (e.g. office IP address or IP address from which developers are testing Klevu features). Once IP addresses are added in the exclusion list, search, clicks, checkout, or any other analytics data will not be processed by Klevu and, therefore, not be recorded in Klevu search and category navigation analytics.

Follow the steps below to exclude the IP addresses from analytics.

  1. Login to Klevu Merchant Center using the valid login credentials
  2. Go to Settings → IP Address Exclusion
  3. In the IP Addresses Exclude, enter IP addresses or IP ranges to exclude
    • Currently, it supports IPv4 address. IPv6 address is not yet supported.
    • If there are multiple IP addresses, please enter one IP address per line.
    • You can exclude IP address ranges by adding the net-mask using "/". For example:
  4. Click on Save Changes
Please note,
  • This setting is applicable for all the stores under this account.
  • Historical traffic will not be retroactively removed from analytics.

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