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Base URL(s)

When the very first record (e.g. a product, CMS page or a category page) of your store is synchronized with the Klevu Search, we, automatically, extract its base URL (see below) and set the respective index of your store to accept records with the same base URLs only.  Any record with a different URL is rejected then after.

What is a Base URL?

For example, If a product URL is base URL would be "".

When should I change the Base URL?

During the migration of Klevu Search from a staging environment to a production environment, you are expected to change the base URL (in Klevu Merchant Center). This is to block records from your staging environment and to allow data from the production environment to be indexed by Klevu.

How to change the Base URL?

  1. Login into Klevu Merchant Center ( with the registered email ID and password.
  2. Choose the appropriate store from the drop-down.
  3. Go to  Store Settings→ Base URL(s). By default, the allowed base URL(s) for the selected store will be displayed here.

  4. Here, please update the list of allowed base URLs. You can have one or more base URLs that you like to allow for the selected store.
  5. Click on the Save Changes button.
  6. If you made any changes to the base URL(s) here, the interface will present you an option to remove any old records that contain old base URL(s). Select the appropriate option and click on the Continue button.
  7. You are done! Base URL(s) are updated and Klevu will allow products to sync containing new base URL(s).

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