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Enhanced Analytics

Enhanced Analytics

Enhanced Analytics brings detailed, visual representations of the data and analytics collected at various touch-points during product discovery using Klevu Smart Search.

1) Accessing Enhanced Analytics

This feature is available to customers on the Enterprise plan.

On your search dashboard, you will see a new banner for Enhanced Analytics. Click on “GO TO ENHANCED ANALYTICS” to access the enhanced analytics page for your store.

2) Segmentation / filtering your report

With Enhanced analytics, you can filter the report at the following points:

You can select a date range from here. By default the duration is set to show the last seven days.
You can choose to view data for specific countries or cities by selecting them from here. By default we will show you all locations.


Select the device type from here if you wish to see data originating from: mobile or desktop. By default you will see all devices.

3) Key Metrics

The Key Metrics report is a collection of visually intuitive and interactive boxes and graphs that convey some quintessential e-commerce performance metrics.

3.1) Click Through Rate (CTR)

The CTR tells merchants how many of their shoppers' searches turn into clicks. A high click-through rate means that the search results are providing the shoppers with exactly what they are looking for.

3.2) Click Conversion Rate (CCR)

The CCR depicts how many of the clicks ended up in a purchase. Since these are search-led purchases, we call them conversions. A high click conversion rate indicates that the products shoppers click on are indeed the ones they wish to purchase. A low click conversion rate, on the other hand, means that the shoppers are not convinced by the products they’re discovering after a search.

3.3) Sales Conversion Rate

This is the ratio of Klevu-led sales to the total sales reported by the merchant. This number indicates how much of the merchants’ revenue is being generated through Klevu’s solutions.

3.4) Total Search Queries

Total Search Queries is the total number of full term searches carried out for the selected segment. A full-term search query refers to a full query searched (e.g. "golden ri" vs. "golden ring", where the latter is considered as a full term search).

3.5) Average Queries Per Search User

This is the average number of full-term queries per search user for the selected segment.

3.6) Total Search Users

Total Search Users is the number of users who used Klevu-search for the selected segment.

3.7) Average Clicks Per Search User

This represents the average number of product clicks per search user for the selected segment. A higher number indicates that users are prominently clicking on products and actively engaging with the store.

3.8) Search Led Sales

This is the total sales generated through Klevu’s Smart Search for the selected duration.

3.9) Average Product Revenue

Average product revenue is the total of all sales generated through Klevu, divided by the number of products that made up those sales. This gives the average value of a product purchased through Klevu.

4) Search Term Analysis

4.1) The Word Graph

Klevu’s Word Graph is a novel, interactive and visually intuitive feature that provides insights into how shoppers use search terms together. It helps merchants understand the trend, behavior, and psyche of shoppers' searches on their storefronts.

4.2) Top 10 Full Term Searches

This is a list of top completed searches for the given filters, along with the frequency of their occurrence.

4.3) Search Term Usage by Device

This is a pie chart that shows the split between mobile and other devices.

5) Filter Analysis

5.1) Popular Filters & Distribution

This section shows a list of the filter values with the number of times they were clicked and what percentage they constituted of the total. Each item in the list can be clicked to expand a sub-list of the attribute value that goes with each filter, each with their clicks and attribute percentage of that filter. You will notice that the attribute clicks add up to the total filter clicks.

5.2) Popular Filters Values

This section shows the most popular filter-attribute pairs for the given duration, along with their frequency of occurrences.

5.3) Filters Usage Share

This is the percentage of Search Users that used filters/facets on your quick search and search results landing page.

5.4) Filters Usage by Device

This is a pie chart that shows the split between mobile and other devices.

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