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Shopify Markets Klevu Compatibility

Shopify Markets is a cross-border management tool that helps you identify, set up, launch, optimize and manage your international markets - all from a single store i.e. you can set up multi-stores within a single Shopify instance.

The following Shopify features are related to Klevu implementation:

  1. Stores can have multiple currencies.
  2. Market-specific product prices could be set up.
  3. Stores can be set up in multiple languages.

Klevu Compatibility with Shopify Market

Here is a list of features Klevu supports and does not support with Shopify Market.

The features that Klevu supports

If multiple markets have different currencies and prices are dependent on the automatic conversion from Shopify conversion rates, Klevu can support it.

The feature that Klevu does not support

1. Shopify Markets allows users to change product prices in multiple ways, as indicated below:

  • Editing the exchange rate.
  • A market-level price adjustment for all products.
  • Setting up product-specific fixed prices.

Below is the screenshot for reference:

As we do not have a way to retrieve this information from Shopify, Klevu cannot support this. We will consider this project for development once Shopify has APIs to fetch this data.

2. Shopify Markets supports the Multi-Language setup i.e. Multiple languages can be set up for each market. Klevu does not support this by default.

Solution and Workaround

To Support the Shopify Market feature with Klevu, the solution is to provide us with the product data feed in the below format:

We would require different feeds for different languages and Multi-currency Prices can be passed as part of the feed.

If you need further assistance, please create a ticket from the link.

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